Thursday, December 22, 2011

Magical Day Of Make Believe #2

"Off we go to explore the moon." (That's a quote from a children's show my daughter watches, but at this moment I can't remember the name of it.)

This week is outer space. I kept this one simple.
First we made a mobile of our solar system. Download HERE.

or Martha Stewart has instructions to make one found HERE (I have a toddler so this was a bit more complicated then I was going for)

We sat in our "rocket ship" (chairs laying on the ground) and blasted off into outer space. Remember there is no gravity in space so we moved silly and jumped really high;) Then we looked at the planets in our solar system and talked about them. You can download the planets and information HERE.

Magical Day of Make Believe will placed on hold through the Holidays. It will start again when my son goes back to school Jan 16th. Yes you read that right. Can I just say who the heck planned this Holiday break. They don't get out of school until Dec 23rd. I would have way rather get out a week earlier and started a week sooner.

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