Monday, June 21, 2010

BCC Sew Along Part 4

The fun begins again! We will be sewing all the back pieces together. Then sewing the back and front together. Your seat will be finished soon.

Sew the 2 arm pieces together.

Sew the arms to the back.

With wrong sides facing out. Put the front piece on seat and wrap the back piece around the back. Line up the pieces and pin into place.

Sew together and flip right side out. Even the bottom edge by cutting off the extra length.

With RST attach the ruffle to the bottom of the seat. You will have to adjust the gather to fit around the width of the chair. Sew together. Turn right side out and put on your chair.

Now let that little person try out the new cover.

Part 1
Part 2
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Carolina said...

Hey Bren, I saw that you weren't one of the 10 on SYTYC today. Oh no! I was rooting for you!!

Well, the silver lining is that you'll get to spend your time on your family during these beautiful weeks of summer, and spend your crafty time on your OWN blog! : )

**hugs!** said...

That came out so cute! Thanks so much for this series, I'll be linking.

FlybabyInMaine said...

This looks awesome. I wanted to be able to print this out with out all the comments and info on the sides so I copied and pasted it to a google doc to print. Figured I would share!

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