Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reversable Nursing Cover

I didn't take a photo tutorial, but they are everywhere on the internet. I did a little different one. So, I will give you the measurements and you can take it from there;)

You need:
2 coordinating fabrics. 1 yard each.
2   1" D rings
13" boning (can find at any fabric store)
matching thread

Cut out the follow pieces:

24 X 38 inch rectangle from both fabrics. (body of cover)
6 X 38 inch rectangle from both fabrics. (contrasting color on the bottom)
4 1/2 X 27 inch (neck strap)
5 X 5 inch (attach D rings)

Sew the contrasting  color to the bottom of each body. Sew your straps and add D rings to the 5 X 5

Mark the center and measure 6 1/2" on both sides of center. Place your neck straps just outside of the 6 1/2 inches. Making sure they are facing towards the middle of the cover. RST sew just the top of the body covers together. Take a very large seam allowance. Put the boning into the seam allowance on. Sew closed. Secure ends of boning so it won't be able to move. Finish sewing the entire cover making sure to leave an opening for turning. Turn right side out and top stitch.

That's it. There is your reversible cover. If you need more clarity on parts, you can check out a tutorial HERE. Mine is a little differently done because I made mine reversible. You can also ask me on the parts that you get stuck.

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